First, a few words about Belka

Belka is what we like to call “an integrated digital product design agency.” Yes, we know — it sounds very fancy, but it really just means that we design and build things like mobile and desktop applications, websites, and design systems.

Right now, we are a team of 14 people, mostly designers and engineers, working from Belka’s offices in beautiful Trento and lively Torino, and sometimes remotely — whatever works.

We’re very good at what we do, even if we do say so ourselves. Our clients think so, too. In the last five years we’ve worked with some of the nicest people at the smartest companies in Italy: Fatture in Cloud, Subito, ScalaPay, Switcho, to name a few. You’ve probably heard of them. Maybe you’ve even used their products.

In short: We’re a successful company with some excellent people, working on fun projects with serious clients. We like it, and we want more. Which is why we’re planning to become bigger and better, with more fun projects and more serious clients.

That’s where you come in.

Belka team
Belka team during the last retreat

What we offer

😄 Great projects

You will work on projects where the design activities have an impact on the product, and not just a pretty face. You will work side by side with UX Researchers, Software Engineers and Project Managers for designing and executing the best products.

We say no to asshole clients and pointless projects.

📈 Professional growth

  • You will be a significant part of Belka’s design team’s growth.
  • You will get a MacBook, a big external screen and all the tools you need to work well
  • We will support you in your growth path and we will tailor it together
  • Weekly 1:1s with your manager
  • Mentoring with the pros on our field
  • Monthly AMAs with top designers
  • 1000€/year for your education

🤝 Adequate pay and respect

  • We offer a full-time job under the Italian collective agreement “CCNL Metalmeccanico”
  • You will have clear vision on the company’s strategy thanks to monthly reviews with all the team, where you can ask the company’s board anything. Literally anything. Once the CEO was asked how he felt and he came back the next month with a day-by-day mood chart.
  • You will never work on weekends

👩‍💻 Work where you prefer

Three options:

  • Remote and come to the Trento HQ monthly-ish
  • Work from Trento’s HQ
  • Don’t work with us

⛹️‍♂️ Work together, play together

Every year, during the Company Retreat, you will have the chance to spend three days with the whole team.

Who we’re looking for


  • 2+ years of experience
  • You worked in an Agency or in a Digital Product Design team
  • You have a portfolio to show your skill in UX and UI design
  • B2 or better in Italian
  • B2 or better in English
  • You live in Italy

You are

  • Passionate about designing solutions to users’ problems
  • Capable of merging business needs, stakeholder needs and user needs thanks to ✨magic✨, user research and interaction design
  • Brave and open to challenges. You face every project with a growth mindset to foster the value of design both for Belka and for our customers
  • Proactive in identifying issues and determining if it’s necessary to take actions with minimum guidance

What you will do

You will work on projects that need a design contribution. Go figure!


  • You support the creation of the projects' brief and the timeline, defining the design timeline and the design approach
  • You support the activities of: workshops, projects’ kick-off both facilitating and participating actively
  • You support the design process via user research and competitor analysis
  • You are able to execute: moodboards, informative architecture, designs and mockups of high and low fidelity, prototypes, design systems
  • You define design stories and design interactions
  • You support the user testing activities
  • You are responsible of crafting the hand-off for the customer and the development team
  • You guide the project's design in all the phases and you are responsible of the overall output

Your work

  • You contribute in the decision process
  • You are proactive in solving issues and improving Belka's process
  • You collaborate efficiently with team members both inside and outside our organisation
  • You show a growth mindset when you tackle challenges
  • You are able to develop skills and knowledge needed for your role

How you guide others

  • You contribute to the projects’ planning, brief definition, deadlines and milestones
  • You are responsible of the definition of the design process
  • You provide feedback to guide the enhancement of the performance and the growth of the team
  • You train and guide others
  • You are responsible for the growth of the apprentices

Bonus points

  • You didn't use Google Translate to get through this offer
  • You are able to present your work in front of other people, also big crowds
  • You have a sincere passion for bullet points
  • You know Belka’s story. The dog, not the company!

If you made through this point, well, congrats!