Oct 2022

Wooow, Awwwards likes what we did for Spiagge!

We got a honorable mention. Yup, another one.
Belka Dog
Belka's official Spokesperson

We've never been a studio that wins prizes. But we've always admired the projects of studios featured on Awwwards — they're excellent.

We also never had clients asking us about websites that could win an Awwwards award. We're specialized in digital product design. Our mission starts as soon as one enters the login page. Not before that.

Well, we sorted that out. Our favorite customer ever — yours truly— decided to build a case study about our latest work with Spiagge.it.

Long story short, we won another Honorable Mention! Look at us now, all "cool" and "fancy".

Check it out! It's live here.

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