Practical magic is the mysterious, undefinable extra ingredient that makes everything work.  

Giulio Michelon
Giulio Michelon
CEO, Belka

Belka is a tight-knit group of 15 devs, designers, strategists and producers.

We put a lot of care and pride in our work, and it shows in the quality of what we deliver. Our clients choose us because we’re good at what we do.

We also care about the influence our work has on the world, and we seek out clients and projects that share our values. What we make is built to last. And Belka is planning to be around for a long time too.

Belka's team drinking coffee in the woods.

We have the best people. Honestly.

The 5 values we live by.


There are no rock stars or gurus at Belka. We are all in this together, which is great, because we're better that way. One for all, and all for one.


We respect people who have worked hard to grow their skills. Is there anything better than watching a good craftsman do what they do best?


We want to work on things that help our clients and their users grow. We also want to grow ourselves, both as a team and as individuals.


Grit means keeping at it. Looking until you find the solution. Doing what you said you'd do, every time. Not stopping until you've got results.


Magic is the mysterious extra ingredient that makes it all work. It’s one of the things that make life worth living, and work worth doing. 

Our roots are in Trento, a university town in the Italian Alps. You should come for a visit.

(We just opened another office in Torino,
where you could also come for a visit.)

Sometimes people invite us to their conferences and podcasts to talk about what we do

We love to talk! If you'd like our perspective on product design, development, innovation, company culture or anything else, just email

June 2024

Come fare un handoff di successo sui design system?

A talk with Eugenia Valentini and Federica Vacca.

June 2024

Come progettare partendo dal valore

A talk by Giulio Michelon, in Italian.

June 2024

Learn how to apply composition principles in your work with React

A hands-on webinar with Benjamin Minarski and Federica Vacca.

June 2024

Workshop on Design Systems

A workshop on design systems led by Mattia Marinangeli and Diego Robaldo.

May 2024

From zero to ranking in three months

A talk with Federica Vacca.

May 2024

How to handle responsiveness through multiple components

A hands-on webinar with Eugenia Valentini and Giulio Michelon

May 2024

Create your first DS component with React

A live coding session with Federica Vacca and Fabrizio Rizzonelli.

May 2024

UX Talk #36: Product Discovery

A talk with Sara Fazzini and Giulio Michelon.

April 2024

How to start a design system

A talk with Chiara Marchesini and Giulio Michelon.

April 2024

What's the value of a design system?

A live conversation between Giulio Michelon and Sara Fazzini.

March 2024

Why is nobody using my design system?

A live conversation between Giulio Michelon and Maria Sole Biondi.

March 2024

InVision chiude! Come migrare a Figma creando un design system

A live conversation between Luca D'Incà and Francesco Cardascia.

March 2024

WIAD 2024 Milano

Giulio Michelon will present his talk "The trouble with advice".

February 2024

Un handoff di successo con Figma

Una conversazione dal vivo fra Giulio Michelon e Mattia Marinangeli su come fare handoff di successo.

February 2024

Giulio da Epoi

Giulio Michelon hosted by epoi will talk about his experience with digital product.

December 2023

Workshop on Design Systems

Mattia Marinangeli and Eugenia Valentini (in Italian)

December 2023

Design System: lo scenario italiano

October 2023

Design system fantastici e come farli

Mattia Marinangeli and Eugenia Valentini (in Italian)

October 2023

Perché il mio team è diventato lento?

Giulio Michelon (in Italian)

October 2023

UX Talk #33 - Design Handoff

Federica Vacca and Eugenia Valentini (in Italian)

September 2023

Stakeholder Management in UXR

Sara Fazzini and Maria Sole Biondi (in Italian)

September 2023

Onboarding più magici con l'AI

Luca D'Incà, Belka and Roberto Oscurato,

July 2023

Un onboarding più magico con l'AI

A webinar with Andrea Tangredi,'s Chief Product Officer and Luca D'Incà, Belka's General Manager (in Italian)

June 2023

React Native Heroes

Federica Vacca and Anas Araid (in English)

March 2023

Fai il salto a Figma!

Mattia Marinangeli and Eugenia Valentini (in Italian)

January 2023

What is User Experience Research?

With Maria Sole Biondi (in English)

December 2022

Final presentation session of the Masters in UI Design

With Massimiliano Bolognesi (in Italian)

November 2022

Mi chiamano Gigi e sono una Product Designer

With Eugenia Valentini (in Italian)

November 2022

Design System: cos'è, come si fa, e perchè​

With Giulio Michelon and Mattia Marinangeli (in Italian)

October 2022

5 years of DEVeloper EXperience in React Native

With Fabrizio Rizzonelli (in English)

September 2022

How to build products that people love at scale

With Giulio Michelon (in English)

September 2022

Creare prodotti digitali che le persone amano

With Giulio Michelon (in Italian)

July 2022

Viaggio verso la Feedback Culture e come viverla anche da remoto

Eugenia Valentini (in Italian)

July 2022

From React to React Native senza paura!

With Federica Vacca (in Italian)

June 2022

Un'azienda a misura di Millennial

With Giulio Michelon (in Italian)

June 2022

Come fare handoff senza farti odiare

With Claudio Postinghel (in Italian)

April 2022

Cos’è la User Experience Research?

With Sara Fazzini (in Italian)

March 2022

Late Night of the Masters in User Interaction

With Claudio Postinghel (in Italian)

February 2022

Il mio percorso per diventare Product Designer

With Eugenia Valentini (in Italian)

November 2021

Design e sviluppo di prodotti digitali in Belka

With Giulio Michelon (in Italian)

April 2021

Small talk with Giulio Michelon

Wiith Giulio Michelon (in Italian)