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Companies with a design system make more experiments, learn quicker and ultimately grow more

Luca D'Incà
Andrea Sichinolfi
Lead UI Designer, Flowe

What are they?


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Think of a design system as a set of rules that help teams work together to build better digital products.

A design system’s rules will define things like typography, color palettes, iconography, spacing, and layout.

Design system also have libraries of pre-made components that designers and developers can use to create new features more quickly.


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Why do people love them?


Design systems make your product more pleasant to use

Picture this: Your app has been around for a while. It started small, but over time you’ve added a bunch of features. Maybe many different designers have worked on it, or maybe even no designers at all. The user interface is getting a little bit messy.

Adopting a design system with a solid set of rules is a good way to stop things from getting out of hand. It gives your product a consistent look and feel on every screen, and helps you deliver a strong brand and a great user experience.

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Design systems make life easier for designers and developers

With clear rules for everything from typography to spacing, designers and developers won’t have to reinvent the wheel every time there’s a new feature or some change to an interface.

A library of pre-made, reusable components also makes the process a lot more efficient by freeing teams from having to constantly start from scratch.

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Design systems help your team make better decisions

Making design decisions can be difficult. Especially when stakeholders come to the conversation with different ideas, priorities, expectations and backgrounds.

Design systems to the rescue! Having a shared language helps designers, developers, business managers and everyone else on the team communicate, understand each other, and find the best way forward.

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Design systems help you scale everything

With a modular and flexible design system, adding new features becomes much faster and easier.

But it’s not just about features: design systems are also easily scaled to accommodate different projects, teams, products, and different stages of a company’s growth and development.

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Design systems let you focus on the important stuff

Building and maintaining a digital product requires a lot of energy and resources. By taking care of the basics, design systems let teams spend less time on how to execute the details of a design, and instead give their attention to more high-level creative and strategic considerations.

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A shared language and approach to design makes communication easier for all the different stakeholders on a project.

Luca D'Incà
Federica Marian
Product Manager, DaVinci Salute

A shared language and approach to design makes communication easier for all the different stakeholders on a project.

Luca D'Incà
Stefano Bernardi
Cofounder, Redokun
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A shared language and approach to design makes communication easier for all the different stakeholders on a project.

Luca D'Incà
Stefano Bernardi
Cofounder, Redokun

So, do you need one?

Design systems are great. But not everyone needs them. Check these lists to see if they could help your team.

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The business

  • You’ve validated your business model, and now you want to grow
  • You have a dedicated team working on your product
  • You want to lower costs and increase efficiency
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The team

  • You’d like a smoother, more consistent workflow
  • You’re tired of reinventing the wheel
  • You want better communication between design and development
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The product

  • You want a more consistent user experience
  • You’re about to add new features
  • You want your product to better express your brand
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Not for you if...

  • You’re still looking for a product-market fit
  • You only have one website
  • There’s only one designer on your team
  • You don’t really want to change your process
Design System Bootstrap

Start with the right foot and learn hands-on

Adopting a design system is hard. According to our research more than half of the companies say they failed on the first try.

Design Boostrap is designed for high-growth teams with ambitious roadmaps that need to start a design system from scratch to accelerate their digital product.

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Design System Audit

Make sure your design system delivers results

A design system is not just a Figma file on your desktop. If you don’t consider also the right tools, who should take care of it, who should be involved and the value it should bring, you’re only half the way to success.

Design System Audit is a service designed to help you avoid the most common mistakes and make sure your design system aligns to your digital product's goals.

Get your design system project up and running in only 3 weeks, starting at €4,900. Here are the details

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