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Over years and years of doing this, we’ve learned a lot about how we work. We work best with clients that value great interfaces as a competitive advantage.
Consider yourself a good fit if you meet all or most of the criteria below.

What we look for in a client

  • Yearly budget range: 250.000-65.000€
  • 30.000€ minimum engagement.
    We’re open to starting with a smaller test project to judge chemistry and fit. If we’re successful, we expect to keep you on as a client at the previously stated annual budget range
  • Direct access to your company’s decision-makers
  • All key presentations are given to decision-makers
  • You have previous experience in building digital products
  • Ability to supply the project's brief
  • Availability for meetings
  • Experience working with design agencies
  • A reference person or project manager available for day-to-day contact
  • Mutually defined business success metrics
  • Mutual respect
  • Sense of humour
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