UI/UX Design
React Native Development
UI Design
UX Design
App Development
Six months
Redesign and develop Fatture in Cloud’s mobile apps for iOS and Android from the ground up
Case Study

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When Italy rolled out a new electronic invoicing standard, the country’s fastest growing SaaS company, Fatture in Cloud, decided it was time to completely revamp their mobile app.

The brief:

  • Rebuild their old apps in React Native from the ground-up

  • Redesign the apps and give them a fresh look

  • Make everything compliant with the new electronic invoicing standard, despite fuzzy specifications at the time

  • Build completely new APIs to get rid of initial patterns that no longer supported the use cases


Daniele Ratti, CEO of Fatture in Cloud
Daniele Ratti
Founder and CEO, Fatture in Cloud

We need to have a little talk.

Before you start fiddling with a digital product that over 350,000 people use to run their businesses, it's a good idea to know what you're doing.

So we started like we always do, with a workshop.After our friends at Fatture in Cloud had patiently taken us through the basics of electronic invoicing, we spent a few days together figuring out how to map the new regulations onto the user flow of the new app.

By the end of the workshop the two teams had become more like one, and we'd also managed to test a first prototype of the creation of an invoice with actual Fatture in Cloud customers.


It’s the invoice of reason.

The design process began with some initial explorations to test our new assumptions on invoicing and accounting. A key insight: Users rely on the app for precision and control, not speed as we had originally assumed.

As we worked on the design we also did a lot of user testing to validate our progress, and to understand where the old app was failing in terms of usability.


From prototype to product, and beyond.

Once we got the first prototypes our developers went to work, working alongside the designers to refine the product. Fatture in Cloud's own team took care of the APIs, while we developed the brand new app in React Native.

After the release of the first version of the new app we kept at it, monitoring usage, adding and refining features in real time, with weekly releases. This is where our incremental design-plus-development process really made a a big difference.

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