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Marco Tricarico
CEO, Switcho

Red Bull wanted to give hackers one more reason to stay awake all night

The world’s most popular energy drink wanted to give programmers and students at the CodeMotion tech conference a fun challenge. So they asked Belka to create an iPad game hooked up to a vending machine that would reward players’ hacking skills with a free can of Red Bull.

Alessandro Battaini
Alessandro Battaini
Head of Field Marketing, Red Bull

European payments
unicorn Scalapay
was in a bit of
a hurry, frankly

A new design system and homepage in just two weeks? It seemed like an interesting challenge. So when Scalapay asked us to do it, we started by scratching our heads. (You’ll never guess what happened next.)

Mirco Mattevi
Mirco Mattevi
Head of Product, Scalapay

Our goal isn’t to make things beautiful, but to make beautiful things that get results.

Profile picture of Andrea Tangredi
Andrea Tangredi
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Indigo

Yes, Belka does design and development. (But what we’re really about is people.)

People, in all their diversity, complexity and humanity, are at the center of what we do and how we think at Belka. It makes us better partners to our clients, it makes our products better, and makes us a better place to work.

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