Belka’s partnership with Sant’Orsola bears fruit, literally

July 2023

Belka’s Department of Agriculture is thrilled to announce that Sant’Orsola, Italy’s foremost producer and distributor of all kinds of berries, has launched the new mobile app we helped develop.

BerryApp is an innovative mobile app set to enhance communication with the cooperative’s roughly 800 producers, and streamline its operations as it expands into southern Italy.

The app lets producers access and update real-time data about their plot of farmland and revenues, using data based on Italy’s land registry office. BerryApp also gives producers a convenient way to contact the consortium’s office for producer relations with just a few taps on their screen.

“BerryApp is more than just an app, it’s a tool to improve communication between Sant’Orsola and its producers,“ says Luca D’Incà, Belka’s General Manager.

“It’s also a game changer for farmers who spend most of their days in the field,” he added, looking like he wouldn’t mind spending a few days away in the field himself.

Developed for iOS and Android using React Native, BerryApp is being successfully used by happy farmers that can stay longer in the field and less in front of a PC.

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