Coverzen is ready for growth

November 2023

Italian insurance startup Coverzen has taken delivery of a new and comprehensive design system, created in Belka's labs by specialists in white coats. The goal: catalyze Coverzen's growth and scalability, setting the stage for a dynamic expansion period.

Founded in 2021, Coverzen is quietly revolutionizing the Italian insurance industry by simplifying and enhancing the insurance process for both insurers and brokers. The platform not only saves insurers substantial capital but also streamlines and modernizes complex insurance processes, improving efficiency and user experience.

Fresh from the exit of their previous venture, SOS Tariffe, Coverzen’s founders, startup veterans Giuliano Messina, Alberto Mazzetti, Umberto Lentini - later joined by Raffaele Bianchi - saw an untapped market in insurance. After two years of bootstrapped development the company is now in a strong expansion phase after a €4m venture capital injection. 

The brief

“This was the right time for us to build a design system,” says Giuliano Messina, cofounder of Coverzen. “We had been developing the app as a minimum-viable product with a small team. It did what it needed to do but that was it. Once we had validated the market and developed the most important features it was time to invest in the product."

Giuliano says Coverzen's founders had learned from experience how much a design system could speed up the development of a product, and they wanted to make sure they didn’t make the mistake of waiting too long. “When you scale a product you need a design system. We just had to decide who we wanted to do it with.”

On choosing to work with Belka: “Design systems are tricky. Even the most skilled designers have rarely built more than one or two, but Belka has seen a lot of different scenarios and it’s really useful to have this expertise.”

“When Coverzen came to us, their product was already way better than most of the B2B tools in the insurance field,” says Luca D’Incà, General Manager of Belka. “But with user experience being a key differentiator they wanted to make sure to put systems in place to prioritize a harmonious design and development process.”

The work

From initial audit to delivery, the design system took 6 weeks to complete. 

The project proceeded in three phases, starting with a comprehensive design audit of the product to get a clear picture of all of its design components and user flows. “When Coverzen came to us, the product had 44 different kinds of buttons and 12 different variations of the color cyan,” says Mattia Marinangeli, product designer at Belka.

After the audit we moved on to creating the design system, a process that begins with a workshop,  a foundation, pattern library, and documentation. Finally, we stress-tested the new design system by building in a couple of key user interaction flows to make sure it was mature enough to be used in production.


“It's early days but we're already starting to see an impact,” says Giuliano Messina. “We're moving faster and saving time because now the design of most of the interface components is predefined. We just need to assemble the parts.”

With the new design system in place, Belka is now working with Coverzen on new features, products and usability improvements.

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