The robots are coming

September 2023

Belka’s Department of Fake Humility is embarrassingly proud to reveal the glowing results of our recent collaboration with, leading to dramatic and measurable improvements in user onboarding, sales processes, and general good cheer.

Founded in Milan in 2016 by five young entrepreneurs, is one of Italy’s most exciting tech companies. Focusing on the application of artificial intelligence to language technologies, their goal is to revolutionize customer experience by letting companies harness powerful deep learning models to create powerful custom-built virtual assistants.

Applying design system thinking to the sales process

Ready to consolidate and evolve the user experience of their product, originally came to Belka asking us to help build a design system to refine their design and development process.

After creating a robust design system tailored to their internal requirements, Andrea Tangredi,’s Chief Product Officer, asked us to apply what we’d learned in the process to help solve a very different problem.

With growing public interest,’s sales team was dealing with a huge influx of potential clients wanting a demonstration of the possibilities of their product.

Andrea’s challenge: find a way to demonstrate the product to more potential clients without having to hire more salespeople.

Scaling up the first-touch product demo

What was needed was an approach that would let potential customers go through the first part of the demonstration by themselves, giving the sales team time to focus on high-value leads.

Together we designed and developed a novel onboarding process, empowering users to craft their own chatbot demos on the spot, giving them a taste of’s magic.

The demo asks the user for basic information about their company.
Users can customise their chatbots in line with brand guidelines.
Users upload all kinds of relevant information to their demo bot.
Time to take the new bot for a spin.

The results are in

Designed to optimize the sales process, this approach has resulted in a remarkable 55% surge in customized platform demos and 25% more sales calls with targeted leads.

When we asked him what he thought of the outcome, Andrea said — and we swear we’re not making this up: “In a very short time, Belka’s team has gained our total and absolute trust. It’s very difficult to find a firm like this.”

Our very own Luca D’Incà, who led the project for Belka, had this to say: “For us, this project is a great demonstration of how to apply design systems thinking, which people sometimes think about as abstract and theoretical, to very concrete problems, leading to results that can save our clients a lot of money.”

See the demo in action

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