Federica and Anas explain everything about Storybook and React Native

May 2023

Belka’s very own Federica Vacca and Anas Araid will  take the stage at React Native Heroes in Torino on 16th June to talk about the fascinating world of design systems and their application in React Native.

In their talk, “Design Systems in React Native: A Storybook Approach,” they’ll tell you all about Storybook, a free, open-source frontend workshop for building UI components and pages, used by thousands of teams for UI development, testing, and documentation.

They’ll show you how we use Storybook at Belka to construct design systems specifically tailored for React Native applications, effectively adapting them from the web to the mobile environment.

This is the first time Federica and Anas are speaking at a conference, so we’re all very excited! Go and say hi to them after the talk!

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