The Future of UX Design in good hands, according to Sara and Max

March 2023

The future of UX design seems to be in capable hands, based on Belka’s experience at UX Challenge, an exciting 5-day design sprint hosted by Hub Innovazione in Trentino (HIT) from 27th February to 3rd March.

HIT is an open innovation initiative, inviting companies and public administrations to explore fresh perspectives, find potential solutions to various challenges, and uncover new opportunities for innovation.

Our UX research lead, Sara Fazzini, and our senior designer, Max Bolognesi, had the privilege of mentoring a spirited team of students. This team, including Michele Bertuzzi, Gabriele Grazzi, Federica Galeazzo, Cristina Moisei, and Gaia De Donatis, was part of a larger group of 50 ‘solvers’ selected from a pool of talent to form 10 dynamic teams, each assigned to a different digital product or service.

Seeing the students navigate the complexities of user-centric design was a rewarding experience, according to Sara and Max. “They really made an effort to create something everyone-friendly, considering even those with visual impairments or color blindness.”

The UX Challenge was a good reminder of the power of collaboration, reaffirming our commitment to people-first design. We’re excited to see where these future designers will take UX next, carrying forward a legacy of thoughtful, inclusive design.

More info on the UX Challenge

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