A healthy boost in productivity at DaVinci Salute

September 2023

Fast-growing Italian health tech startup DaVinci Salute recently unveiled a new design system, crafted in collaboration with an agency that specializes in exactly that sort of thing. (You can probably guess which one.)

The goal of the initiative was to streamline the design of DaVinci Salute’s digital platforms, making them easier to manage, more user-friendly, and better aligned with the company’s brand.

On the phone with the doctor

Founded in Milano in 2018, DaVinci Salute began focusing on telemedicine with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The company’s core offering is a management system for family doctors, complemented by a patient-centric mobile app, another one for healthcare providers, as well as an appointment booking website.

In 2022, Unipol Group, one of Italy’s largest publicly traded companies, acquired a 66% stake.

Growth spurt

“After finding our product-market fit, we entered an intense growth phase,” said Andrea Taglia, Co-CTO of DaVinci Salute. “In one year the team went from 15 to over 100 people, working remotely across three different countries and even more time zones.”

“We began to notice that the pace of design and development was slowing down, and user experience was starting to suffer,” added Federica Marian, Product Manager at DaVinci Salute. “It seemed like the right time for us to adopt a more systematic approach.”

We don't like to brag

Belka’s team has built dozens of design systems in the past few years, including big ones for Fatture in Cloud, NeN and Wingtra to name a few. 

“Not to brag, but our team has a lot of experience,” bragged Belka’s Senior Product Designer, Mattia Marinangeli. “It only took a couple of months from the first workshop to the official launch of the design system.”

Signs of recovery

According to DaVinci the results are promising: The team has seen productivity gains for designers and developers, better organization and communication, and a more consistent user interface design.

“We’re still adapting to this new way of working. It doesn’t happen overnight, but we’re already seeing our teams becoming more efficient,” said Gianluca Croci, the Product Designer who manages the design system for DaVinci. “We look forward to reaping even more rewards from the project in the future.”

* * *

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